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Individually, relaxing and revitalizing - this is how we define Wellness at the Alex Lake Zürich. Add this mindful experience to your living circle journey and enrich your mind with individually tailored treatments to your needs! Dangle your soul, relax your body and recharge your energy in our hands! 

Our cosmeceutical and therapeutic face and body treatments are curated for your mood. Treat yourself and enriching your health and well-being while give some tranquility to your life!


Treat yourself with enriching 
wellness and wellbeeing

Standard Treatments

  • Classic Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Full Body Massage
  • Sport Massage

  • 55 min – 175 | 70 min – 225 | 85 min – 255 | 110 min – 330


  • Traditional Thai Oil Massage

  • 90 min - 285 | 120 min - 375 | 180 min - 525

Add an individual touch to your treatment by
selecting from our additional services:


(Lavender oil, St. John's Wort oil, Fitness oil, 7 different gemstone oils)

Our great selection of oils includes herbs from the alpine, locally handpicked lavender and St. John's Wort as well as mineral enriched relaxing oils.

per treatment add.  10 CHF


Himalaya Salt Peeling 

(at 85 or 110 min) 

Add a skin softening and nourishing peeling of the purest salt
from the Himalaya
n mountain to any treatment from above. 

per treatment add. 35 CHF

Signature Treatment


  • 55 min – 180 | 85 min – 265 LOMI – LOMI
    Aloha! This traditional Hawaiian massage aims to create peace and oneness with the mind, body, and spirit. With the use of long, continuous, and rhythmic strokes and almost dancing movements with forearms, palms of the hands, thumbs and ankles, your ideal energy flow is being regained. Prepare yourself for one wonderful relaxing, healing, and spiritual experience.


  • 55 min - 155 | 85 min - 235 Holistic ritual
    With the application of the facial reflexology treatment, the gently massage and specifically stimulates specific points and zones on your face. The applied herbal ointment contributes to a unique modelling facial massage and delivers refreshing results.

The Beauty Circle

The soft application of a gentle body peeling followed by a moisturizing organic wrap prepares your skin for the following massage. Enjoy the warm blue Caribbean stones massage combined with aromatic oil enriched with locally herbs from the Swiss alps.  

The Beauty Circle is completed with a face treatment which starts with a soft peeling, followed by moisturizing mask specifically selected for your skin type. Additionally, your face would be treated with vitamin-enriched skin-care products which reduce visible signs of ageing, treat fine lines and wrinkles, and lessen hyperpigmentation. The treatment is finished with soft face massage.

115 minutes – 305 CHF 

Thalgo - La Beauté Marine

"The sea washes away all men's evils"

At the core of the products of the luxurious French cosmetics line "Thalgo" are the active marine molecules from the depths of the oceans for effective skin results. Treat yourself to one of the finest face and body treatments to revitalize your spirit and let "the power of the sea" infuse deep into your skin. Pamper your body or face with a treatment customized to your individual needs.

Immmerse yourself in the world of THALGO!



  • 70 min - 215 Aroma Body Seaweed Wrap
    The ultimate Thalgo’s seaweed detox treatment for you which would help you to eliminate toxins and excess water from your body. This blissful experience reduces skin damage, improves its elasticity, and reduces stress and anxiety. Your body will be completely relaxed while your mind goes into a zen-like state.
  • 55 min - 210 | 85 min - 295 Hydro-Infusion Body Retreat
    The perfect treatment for any season. Give your body a rejuvenating glow and ensure that your skin feels silky soft. Starting with the Thalgo’s exfoliating scrub, we would make sure that nothing is blocking the path of your hydrating body treatment. By using a special massage technique, the cell renewal and mictrocirculation is stimulated. Ready to pamper your skin with some hydrating body treatment?


  • 55 min - 215 The Detox Ritual
    This 7-steps treatment process allows the skin a fresh start and leaves you with the feeling of complete revitalisation. A deep cleansing facial specifically designed to remove toxins and excess oils, to encourage the production of collagen and elastin, and to improve your skin barrier. The active ingredient Spirulina deeply exfoliates your skin, decreases inflammation, tones the skin and encourages cell turnover.
  • 55 min - 225 Timeless Elegance
    This treatment is perfect for maximum anti-ageing results. With the application of Thalgo’s special rejuvenating facial massage techniques and enriched with active hyaluronic acids and marine collagen products, the wrinkles are smoothed, the face "lifted”, and the skin's firmness is restored. The three Roller Boosters are used to gradually nourish and fill wrinkles. Go ahead and reverse the effects of time!
  • 90 min - 275 Hydra Beauty
    Experience a wonderful treatment ritual along with a relaxing face, neck, décolleté and arms massage. With Thalgo's exclusive marine treatment products line “Source Marine”, your face would be deeply hydrated with the vital power of the “oceans”. Individually adapted to the basic needs of your skin, this treatment balances the skin's moisture levels, moisturises deep into the skin and leaves skin feeling velvety soft and luminous.
Couple massage

Experience full relaxation with your loved one in our beautiful room
with lakeview while 
enjoying mindful massages together as a couple!
Experience balanced wellbeing at the same time
with one of our luxur
ious massages at your disposal 

Regular prices

Hand & Feet

  • 85 min - 180 Deluxe pedicure
    The luxurious foot therapy starts with an enjoyable warm relaxing footbath and a soft peeling to soothe the lower legs and feet. Heels and feet are sanded to remove cornea, nails are shaped and subsequently the cuticles are nourished. An additional mask followed by a revitalizing massage advance the further rejuvenation of the lower legs and feet.
  • 70 min - 175 Deluxe Manicure
    A luxurious time out for your hands - enjoy a relaxing hand bath with a gentle peeling. The nails are filed into shape, the cuticles are cut, and the stressed skin is regenerated and provided with lots of hydration by a selected hand mask.
Individual Options
  • Gelcolor 16 CHF 
  • Color 15 CHF 
  • Paraffin mask 20 CHF 
  • Extended foot and calf massage 25 CHF 

*Our Spa deluxe manicures and pedicure are available
with change of polish or 
Gel Color option.


To make a booking, please call +41 44 552 99 99 or
email [email protected].

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