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Code of Conduct

At The Living Circle, we attach great importance to how we behave towards our employees, suppliers and customers. This is precisely why we have redefined our behavioural guidelines in our Code of Conduct. This is structured clearly and comprehensibly with 12 guiding principles.

Code of Conduct

As a leading Swiss hospitality and agricultural group redefining luxury, we consistently live by our values and standards, regardless of whether anyone is watching us. Even in challenging situations, we are not discouraged but lead by example.

Teamwork is of crucial importance to us. We are firmly convinced that we can only inspire together. The success of our company depends directly on how we treat each other. We support each other because we know that success is only possible as a team.

Employees, suppliers and customers alike can count on us, and we rely on them to count on us, too. We are proud to be part of The Living Circle and value each individual's contribution.

We take compliance with the Code of Conduct seriously and have set up a whistleblowing/integrity line where any compliance violations or non-compliance with legal requirements can be reported anonymously at any time.

We thank you for jointly implementing and complying with our Code of Conduct.

The Living Circle – is a hand-picked collection of first-class hotels and restaurants in incomparably beautiful locations, run by dedicated hosts. Rice, vegetables, fruit and a whole array of exquisite products – including wine, of course – is whisked fresh from our own farms directly to your table. That is how we define luxury. That is The Living Circle – luxury fed by nature.

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